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  • Tree Removal

We can safely remove any tree(s) for you. We are committed to treating your property with the utmost care and consideration during a removal.

  • Tree Pruning & Care

It's not always about removing trees. We can help your trees have a healthier and longer lifespan. Pruning can also improve the aesthetic of your tree, let sunshine through and improve your view. 

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Wow! Haliburton Tree Care was a spectacular partner to work with. They effectively assessed dangerous trees on the property, established a plan for removal, and performed the work effectively, safety, on time, and at a great price. I could not recommend HTC MORE!

Lauren Ernst


I found Gord and his team at Haliburton Tree Care to be what a very good contractor should be - timely and on budget with the work they did. Throughout the lead up process to do the work they communicated very well on all aspects of the work. They were friendly and lastly they left my place cleaner than when they arrived. They will be coming back to do a much larger job and I would absolutely recommend Gord and Haliburton Tree Care to anyone looking for tree care!

Oliver Fischer


We recently had Haliburton Tree Care cut 7 trees. Gord came to assess the trees and discuss the best plan of action for each tree. Some of the trees were near our garage and overhead wires and required special techniques to remove them safely. We are very pleased with everything - great customer service, accurate time frame and superior quality of work. We highly recommend Haliburton Tree Care! Thanks for helping us with our project!

Carlos Cid


Professional and affordable tree removal...Gord and his team removed some problem trees around our property in a timely manner and did an excellent job...highly recommended.

Rick Attard



We will do a thorough assessment of your tree size. The larger trees generally take more time to take down and will typically cost more.


Keep an eye out for cracks, cavities, mushrooms, or a lean with your tree. Trees in poor condition require precise planning and execution.


Each tree has its own unique characteristics that can make it more simple or more complex to manage. Don't worry though, we deal with them all!


Accessing your tree with specialized equipment and the distance required to haul/process material can impact the speed of a removal.
  • The Dynamic Duo

Locally owned and operated, fully insured, prompt and professional. We are a husband and wife team that pride ourselves on the work we do and the positive interactions we have with our valued customers.

Gord Darling

Gord has many years of experience with risk management, hazardous tree removal and climbing.

Kathryn Darling

Kathryn loves working in the outdoors and is looking forward to her 2nd year of tree climbing.